Difference between Arlo & Arlo pro cameras

Difference Between Arlo & Arlo Pro Cameras For Home Security

Arlo, Brand of Netgear company (a Chinese company) – ranked #6 in Best Home Security Cameras 2020. Europe’s #1 home surveillance camera brand. The company manufactures home security products. Statistically top home security product sold in the USABrand fabricates CCTV cameras to keep a check on loved ones. Manufactures both indoor and outdoor cameras. Moreover, weather-proof cameras So, safe to place outside without worrying about hot, rainy, or rainy climate. 

In addition to it, products are wireless. So, no hustle to setup arlo camera. Install the application, press the sync key keeping the camera near to the base station and it’s done. Install anywhere. 

Now, the question comes which camera is best ??

The answer to this question is, while selecting arlo CCTV camera various factors must be kept in mind. 

The factors of consideration while purchasing a Arlo CCTV camera are many. Also, Depends on the individual’s needs. But, the top specifications to be considered are given below.


To begin with, a Arlo Camera which provides more clarity having a high resolution in HD. First thing first, Clarity is the utmost important factor to choose any camera. Hence, there is no sense in installing cameras in your house unless it has clarity. 

Field of view

The second comes viewing angle, it is as important as clarity. The camera must be of a wide field of view angles to capture all activities on the premises. Furthermore, it should be center focused. Must be able to record a complete view. 


Then comes, connectivity. Most Arlo cameras can connect WiFi directly. Also, one can watch all activities via the Arlo system. In Arlo system basic plan get- 

  • Live remote video streaming.
  • Motion alters to email.
  • 7 days of screen cloud.
  • Support up to 5 cameras.

For more than 5 cameras, up-gradation of the plan is needed. Getting an alert notification is a useful feature. You will be able to notice any dreadful action. With live remote video streaming, you can watch your premises anytime. Doesn’t matter how far you are. 

Comparison Between Arlo & Arlo Pro Camera



Arlo pro





720 p HD

1280-720p HD

Field of view



Motion detection



Audio detection


2-way audio

Lithium battery


Local backup storage


supports USB



100+ decibels

Night vision



Weather resistance



Similarities Between Arlo & Arlo Pro Camera

  • Both Arlo as well as Arlo Pro are wireless. Hence, easy to install anywhere. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and, the camera is ready to install. 
  • The two of them are weather-proof. Therefore, one can place them outdoors also without worrying about the weather. 
  • Either has a battery life of 4-6 months.
  • Night vision available in two of them. The camera captures in the dark also. 
  • Motion alters, both have motion detection features. Send alert email during movement.

Differences Between Arlo & Arlo Pro Camera

  • First and foremost, Arlo pro has a field of view of 130 degrees. However, that of Arlo has just 110 degrees. And, the wide range of view is more preferable. 
  • Audio detection facility is not available in Arlo. In contrast to that, Arlo pro has a facility of 2-way audio. Hence, microphone or speaker audio alerts will be sent via email. 
  • Arlo Pro has a siren of 100+ decibels. Any type of motion or audio detection activates the siren. 
  • Local backup storage can be done in Arlo pro via USB drive. Whereas, no local backup storage feature in Arlo. 
  • Solar panels are useful to recharge the batteries of Arlo pro. But, Arlo requires four CR123 batteries.
  • In the video experiment, Arlo pro is the earlier capturer of the first frame than Arlo.

To sum up Difference Between Arlo & Arlo Pro Camera

Arlo Pro is the best for home protection.

Considering all the above factors to purchase Arlo CCTV cameras, Arlo pro is best to snap up. To paraphrase, Arlo pro is a camera that provides great clarity with high resolution (720p) in HD. Moreover, Arlo pro captures the first frame earlier than Arlo. 

In addition to that, Arlo pro provides a wide field of view of 130 degrees. Whereas, that of Arlo is just 110 degrees. Also, it is rechargeable with solar panels. Provided, battery life 4-6 months. 

The most advanced technology is 2-way audio. Arlo pro allows us to have two-way conversations via an app. Besides that, it supports USB for local backup storage. Also, it requires one Lithium battery in contrast to Arlo which needs two of it. 

Motion detection is a prominent feature of Arlo pro which activates Siren of 100 decibels. And, make you alert from dreadful situations. To Setup Arlo Pro Camera go to our homepage and follow the instruction for installation.

Few more features of Arlo pro –






100 decibels.



It is an undeniable fact that Arlo pro is the finest product for home protection.

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