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How To Update Your Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, Pro Camera Firmware Manually

The updated versions of firmware are released by the manufacturers frequently. For a better experience and the stability of the device, the user is recommended to check and update Arlo firmware from time-to-time. This article contains valuable information, starting with basic information about Arlo Firmware, the technique to manually update arlo firmware, the method to install arlo firmware update 2020 with all models, and a troubleshooting guide to fix the arlo firmware update issue. 

What is Arlo firmware?

Many coded instructions combine to form a coded program, known as a Firmware. A camera’s functionality, performance, features, stability, and control, all are defined with the help of coded instructions. Frequent firmware updates are released by the manufacturers. The users are advised to update arlo firmware as soon as the update’s release, because the camera’s working, and efficiency is dependent on the updates. Installing the updates on time will keep the user in touch with the improvements, and will also provide them with a better experience. The new arlo firmware 2020 update is out and should be installed by all the users.

So if your arlo firmware update not working? You should ensure that your camera should be connected, keep the battery lid closed. In all connected Arlo devices, the firmware updates are released on their own, between the time 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. If the update is huge, you can face some issues in streaming from your camera. It’s your choice to either wait till your installation or starts a manual update using these steps:
  • The first step is to open the Arlo app on your mobile phone, or the other option is to log in to the main site using a web browser (https://my.arlo.com/). The compatible browsers are Firefox 3.5 or later, Chrome (latest version), Safari 3 or internet explorer 10, or Microsoft Edge. You can download the app from the Apple app store, or Google Playstore.
  • Tap on the Settings option present on the top menu.
  • Among the various camera options that appear, select the appropriate one.
  • Click on the Device Info.
  • Tap on the Firmware option.
  • Then click on Update.
  • Your camera’s LED will start blinking amber and blue, indicating that the download has started.
The process might take several minutes if the update is major, the user will have to be patient.

Steps to Update Arlo Camera Firmware With All Models:

You will need to follow the following steps to update your Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, Pro, or Wire-free firmware:

  • Start the Arlo app on your phone or visit the site, my.arlo.com 
  • Go to Settings and then select, My devices.
  • Select your cameras out of all the models you want to update.
  • The next step is to click on the option Device Info, then go to Firmware, and tap on Update.
  • It is to be noted that the battery lid should be closed during the update process.
  • Hang in there till the camera updates and to check if your update is taking place successfully. If you are worried because it shows, “arlo firmware update in progress” but gets stuck? See if the LED lights on your camera are blinking in blue and amber alternatively to check for any issue.
  • After the update finishes, the camera’s LED light starts blinking blue rapidly.

A point to note is that each camera model will require a separate update. The process to update arlo firmware will be completed after following all the steps carefully

Troubleshooting Guide to Fixing Arlo Firmware Update Issue:

Is your arlo base station firmware update stuck? No need to worry because this part of the article deals with the informative solutions that can be used when your arlo firmware update is not working. As every problem requires a unique solution, below are mentioned different firmware update problems with their respective solutions:

  • Firmware update failed: If your arlo firmware won’t update automatically, you can try following the manual method of updating the firmware. For manually updating the firmware, you can launch the app < settings < my devices < select your camera model < device info < firmware < update. 
  • Update failed on camera login: In case your arlo firmware won’t update on camera login, no need to stress. If your arlo firmware is not updating automatically or manually, there might be a chance that you are skipping some steps, or not following the guidelines carefully. Read the instructions again and check if the issue gets resolved.
  • Taking a long time for a firmware update: Is your arlo firmware update taking forever? A good and effective solution, in this case, is to abort the ongoing update and restart your process again. 
  • Your Firmware update got stuck: If your arlo firmware update in progress gets stuck for a long time, check if your battery lid is closed, or if the batteries are enclosed. If the battery lid remains open, or the batteries are out of the case, chances are that your update will stop or get stuck.
  • Base station update gets stuck: In case you are getting an error showing, “arlo base station firmware update stuck”, the best possible option is to disconnect the power from the base station for at least a minute. Then connect the power again and wait till it reboots again. This effective method should resolve your problem to a great extent.
  • If your arlo firmware update goes wrong: Is your arlo firmware update taking forever to get downloaded and installed? A possible reason behind this event may be that your update process has gone wrong, or your camera has lost its sync. A solution worth trying in such a case would be to remove the battery and again reinsert it inside the case. This will allow the camera to regain its sync. This should fix your issue of a failed firmware update.

All these problems with their respective troubleshooting methods will help you in resolving your firmware update related issues, and enhance your device’s functioning.

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